Hot Water Boilers

This Hot Water Boiler is compact and most ideal for use in hotels, lodging-boardings, hospitals, medium and large buildings and other industries that require continuous supply of hot water. Hot water is delivered more quickly and economically than any other conventional heating systems. Maximum output is attained through this equipment.

This Boiler requires very little space and can be installed on a terrace, in a basement or anywhere in between. Though these boilers are made of mild steel plates and welded, they do not rust as they are always filled up with water and can't be emptied.

Boiler may be painted periodically. The chimney should be erected in such a way that the smoke rises above the top of the building. Thus, there is no smoke trouble. As a safety factor, one pipe from the Boiler should be kept open to sky (4/5 feet above the overhead tank) as an outlet for steam, if developed.

The operating cost of wood fired (or coal fired) Boiler is cheaper than that of the electric geysers or other heating systems. Electricity, fuel, oil or diesel oil is very costly. Secondly, this is scarcity and we are often required to face restrictions on their use.

Practically any sort of solid fuel such as wood, steam-coal, charcoal, wood-scrap etc. can be burnt in this Boiler. The saving by way of fuel expenses ranges from 25% or more according to the circumstances.